Private VO Coaching with Lili Wexu

VO Business consultations designed to help you take your business to the next level.

Let me teach you the secrets to an unstoppable brand so you can find YOUR clients, and grow your business.

Do you need a branding makeover?

Is your marketing strategy limp?

Is it time for you to get an agent

Should you join the union or not, or even be FiCore?

Are you confused about how to find your best prospective clients?

Are you auditioning to much, or not enough?

Does social media feel futile?

Do you need an outbound strategy?

Private VO Coaching with Lili Wexu of Get Clever About VO

As artists, marketing and sales can be terrifying.

Lucky for you, this is one of my strongest assets.

While marketing can be overwhelming and frustrating

It’s just another nut you CAN crack.

Let’s get you on a clear path and make you a WINNER.

Private VO Coaching with Lili Wexu of Get Clever About VO

I will teach you to “market your way” to the jobs you want.

In this decade, you need a solid sales and marketing strategy. 

That doesn’t mean you should fear the marketplace OR get anxious about how crowded it is.

You have something unique to offer and part of your job is to leverage this so you can attract and go after YOUR clients

You, ONLY you: No online real estate will ever yield as many $$$ as your own website. This is a must in your overall strategy. But it’s easy to do it wrong. Let’s tweak it so we can capitalize on that real estate.

Your THANG! Your demos are everything, but if you don’t have the right strategy to market them, your investment could go unheard, without the return you’re looking for. Let’s make sure we have the right demos in the right places. 

ME and THEM: Pay to play sites are often a rite of passage, but it’s easy to make missteps and misinterpret results. Let’s use them wisely and manage energy and expectations efficiently.

Look at ME: In the jungle that is the internet, credibility and trust are vital, let’s look at strategies that will make clients excited to work with you.  

Be COLD: Back in the day people used their phones for cold calling, and though phones have stayed in the 80s, the strategy is very much alive today. Outreach is a crucial part of any business, even more so in VO, but having an efficient strategy is key. Let’s put one together that reflects you and your brand. 

Doing it MY way: Auditioning can be a vortex and I’ve seen (and continue to see) many a talent get trapped in it. Let’s make sure you’re being efficient with your time.

I will help you determine whether it’s time to get an agent, or help you revive rusty relationships. 

Depending on your skill level, location, and expertise, it may be time for you to get an agent.

Or perhaps you have an agent but you aren’t top of mind.

Either way, you need a strategy to deal with and get agents.

It may also be time for us to look at some key relationships with existing or prospective buyers. Let’s make sure you’re making the most of them. 


A VO Business Consultatino designed to help you become the Northstar your clients are looking for.

One-on-one VO Business Consult

Let’s capitalize on your skills and talent so you can create the business you deserve.

Business consult session = $350 

Session duration = Between 60 and 90 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the session?

For business consults, coaching sessions last 90 minutes.

What happens after the session?

You may use this session as a one off and implement the advice given on your own.

If you would like support throughout your journey, we will carve a path forward for you, that is tailored to your situation and goals. This entails 1-2 coaching calls/month ($250/call for 50 minutes) and generally includes a mix of business coaching, demo creation & tweaking, and /or VO coaching (often a mix of all 3).

Please note that elevating your business to the next level requires a sizable investment (both time and money), as the bulk of the work involves outreach, sales, and marketing. As such, you may need to invest in some online tools to be effective, and to implement strategies.

Are there cancellation fees for Business Consults?

Once you book, there are no cancellation fees as I myself have to cancel sometimes. You can simply cancel and reschedule. That said, you must use your session within one month from date of payment.

There are no refunds for unused sessions.

Do you need anything from me?

I’ll have your materials from the Application so we’re all set.

Wait, is there any fine print?

As much as I would love to promise employment after consulting with me, this does not depend on me. It depends on you, your marketing efforts, your casting, casting directors, the marketplace, and the stars. I strive to give you the best tools to make you competitive. The rest is up to you (and to the universe)!

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