Private VO Coaching with Lili Wexu

Private VO Coaching designed to help you craft winning auditions with confidence.

I will teach you up to 30 techniques to help you get out of your head, and self-direct like a pro.

Does the conversational read feel unachievable?

Do you wish you had a better handle on VO scripts?

Is self-directing your auditions a nightmare?

Are you unsure about the quality of your performances?

Is “connecting” with VO copy a romantic, but elusive concept?

Are audition directions confusing you?

Private VO Coaching with Lili Wexu of Get Clever About VO

I too, struggled for many years.

Until I developed acting-based exercises and strong negotiation tactics.

This…DOUBLED my income.

Made me a REFERENCE within my niches.

And made me a MASTER at self-directing.

Private VO Coaching with Lili Wexu of Get Clever About VO

I will teach you to eliminate DOUBT, and get serious CLOUT, with the very same acting-based techniques I use to book auditions. 

Here are just some of the milestones that are achieved with Private VO Coaching:

Frame it, So We Can CHANGE it: I will teach you to get over your limited views about performance, scripts, and the competition.

YOU, Uncensored: I will teach you to get out of your reading brain and into your speaking brain. My voice acting coaching is deigned to help you experience your limitless potential and showcase your talent, Every. Single. Time. I will share my vault of acting-based techniques so you can get out of your head into your genius

Get the UPPER Hand: I will teach you techniques to help you get critical about scripts on multiple levels so you can recognize key features and invisible opportunities. I will also teach you to become discerning about audition directions. My techniques are designed to help you become a master at self-direction.

Play to WIN: When the time is right, I will help you craft marketing materials that reflect your strengths and the special sauce that makes you unique so you can attract the right clients, team, and collaborators. This is designed to help you command high rates in certain sectors. I will teach you strategies to build your empire.

VO coaches teach obsolete “reading” techniques. Instead, you must learn to capitalize on the mad VO skills you already use in your every day life.

The tools you seek to slay your competition hide in your everyday speech.

I’ve designed acting based-techniques to help you bypass your reading brain so you can “speak” any VO copy presented to you authentically, unapologetically, and confidently on every job and audition.

My Private VO Coaching methods are designed to help you…

I will teach you to build a thriving business by giving clients what they seek: someone who can take their ad copy to new heights.

Clients all want the same simple thing: someone who can make their scripts sound better than they even imagined. They want to be wow’d and surprised by what they missed in their own scripts.

They also always want…Conversational, Engaging, Connected…

…And YOU want to feel Grounded and Believable. NOT phony or GENERIC.

Clients don’t always know how to get there, but YOU can learn how.

Clients need someone who “gets it” even more than they do.

To do so, they hire actors who can crack the code to their VO script, don’t censor themselves, and perform their scripts in fresh new ways.

They hire performers who are resourceful and capable of making strong suggestions (the ones they hadn’t thought of) and are flexible and capable of following their directions.

The methods I teach during Private VO Coaching are designed to help you:

  • Produce original, natural reads appropriate for the copy;
  • Understand scripts on a deeper level;
  • Get crystal clear on where you fit in;
  • Be flexible and able to follow directions;
  • Get paid well for your hard earned skills & talent.

LIE: The industry’s biggest lie is that there’s too much competition. TRUTH: No one can do YOU better than YOU.

Don’t let the hype get to you. If I had listened to what others said I would have never followed my passion and I wouldn’t be here to teach you about it today.

People who aren’t doing well speak louder than those who do well, because those who do well are too busy (or humble)!

Don’t get swept away by a negative tidal wave (your own or that of others).

What the marketplace responds to is specificity.

You have that. In droves. Your true essence isn’t generic.

You are the one-of-a-kind magic ingredient. You have the power to turn the competition into background noise

The vault of techniques and strategies I teach are designed to help you approach the Voice acting market from a place of strength.

You didn’t get into this so you could stay at the bottom of the food chain forever. So DON’T. 

I will teach you how to Bridge The Gap between YOU and your GOALS in two ways…

You can turn your craft into an art form by getting my undivided, laser-focused attention with either VO coaching offer:

OPTION 1: One-on-one Private VO Coaching

To help you create new habits, a repeatable process, and a foundation you can rely on, I prioritize longer-term coaching.

NOTE: There is currently a waitlist. I’ll get back to you in 4-8 weeks after you apply.

5 x session package = $900

Sessions last 50 minutes.

To be paid in one installment.

NOTE: Once you book, you will be able to re-schedule if need be, but there are no refunds. You must use your session within 7 weeks.

Be sure to check out the Private Podcast!


UPON REQUEST: Standalone One-on-one Private VO Coaching 

For full time VO actors only. 

In unique cases, I give students the possibility of booking a standalone “one-off” session.

1 x session = $195.

Sessions last 50 minutes.

If you’re interested in this service, please fill out this application.

NOTE: Once you book, you will be able to re-schedule if need be, but there are no refunds. You must use your session within 3 weeks.

Be sure to check out the Private Podcast!

Coaching is designed to help you master different skill sets in your practice using elite Voice Acting tools. This can lead to tremendous growth.

Get strong customized guidance on the next steps in your career.

Don’t follow “industry” rules. YOU are the rebel casting craves.

You aren’t in this business because you’re a follower. 

Your niche is waiting for you to break the rules, unleash your genius, and get clever, so they can hire you.

I will teach you:

  • To tap into your unique, uncensored, one-of-a-kind special sauce with a repeatable process.
  • A strong and reliable script analysis application.
  • How to thrive in the marketplace, and make your mark.

Finally answer the question: how do I get started? Get expert guidance so you can build the business you dream of.

I will teach you the strategic next steps to take in your career.

I will give you concrete material reviews.

I will support you in creating and navigating your marketing strategy.

We will work on the copy you need to, if you need to.

Use your private VO coaching time as you please. Your specific needs guide sessions.

I will teach you to produce your best work, in a safe space.

Find out if we’re a fit for where you’re at in your career by filling out an application and having a 30 minute Discovery Call so I can:

  • Answer your burning questions;
  • Share my process with you.

Spaces are limited. Save your seat now. 

Curious about Lili’s philosophy? Meet her here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are coaching sessions?

For one-on-one students, coaching sessions last 50 minutes.

Do I have to do homework between sessions?

Yes, you will be assigned homework or strategies to implement between sessions. 

How often can I book sessions?

For private coaching, you can book a maximum of one coaching session per week, and must use your sessions within 6 months from date of payment.

Are there cancellation fees for Private one-on-one sessions?

Once you book, there are no cancellation fees as I myself have to cancel sometimes. That said, you must use your sessions within 3 months from date of payment if you take a 6-session package.

There are no refunds for unused sessions.

Do I need to prepare anything?

If you have questions, or are working on specific material, you will be asked to provide those before class so we can get right into it.

Otherwise, come as you are! You’ll receive copy during class.

Note: All copy used in class is confidential and cannot be used as demos. All teachings are confidential. You will be required to sign a student agreement before class.

Do you need anything from me?

I’ll have your materials from the Application so we’re all set.

Wait, is there any fine print?

As much as I would love to promise employment after coaching with me, this does not depend on me. It depends on you, your marketing efforts, your casting, casting directors, the marketplace, and the stars. I strive to give you the best tools to make you competitive. The rest is up to you (and to the universe)!

What happens after the Discovery Call! Where do I book?

At the end of our Discovery call you’ll be asked if you want to sign on, and you’ll be able to make your first payment. You’ll then receive an email with a link to my booking calendar.

NOTE: There is no pressure to enroll after the call, but I am asking you be serious about coaching longer term with me before getting on a Discovery Call, as my time is limited.

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