Private VO Coaching with Lili Wexu


Get directed homemade demos so you can CONTROL the narrative and STEER your VO business in the direction YOU choose.   

Do you want help zeroing in on your niche?

Do you want a second set of ears on your performances?

Is self-directing your reads challenging?

Are you unsure about the quality of the scripts you’re choosing?

Does the conversational read feel unachievable?

Do you want to shine as bright as you can with the skills you have right now?

Private VO Coaching with Lili Wexu of Get Clever About VO

Demos are not a one time deal.

In fact,  I continually update my demos.

You’re continually growing, your demos should reflect that.

Renewing your demos helps you control the narrative.

Because it helps you attract YOUR clients.

Home Brew have earned me thousands of dollars.

They have rivaled agency demos time and time again.


Private VO Coaching with Lili Wexu of Get Clever About VO

Bridge The Gap between YOU and your CLIENTS with directed Homemade Demos.

Home Brew Package

5 x session package = $750

Sessions last 50 minutes. You must pay in one installment.

Curious about Lili’s philosophy? Meet her here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for this?

You are eligible for this if you have:

  • Home made demos (or even professional demos) that you feel could be improved upon.
  • The capacity to record from home on your own.
  • Audition materials, copy, or recordings from jobs you feel could work for demos.

In other words, we will be using your scripts and your material, so you must provide the material we’ll be working with. 

Are there cancellation fees?

Once you book, there are no cancellation fees for not attending a session, as I myself have to cancel sometimes. However, you must use your sessions within 3 months from date of payment. There are no refunds for unused sessions.

How often can I book sessions?

You can book a maximum of one to two sessions per week.

How many sessions does this include?

One package includes 5 live sessions. Keep in mind some sessions are used to select material, listen to existing material, etc. 

Does this include music production?

No. Once you have the final cuts, you can put music or sound effects in the background yourself, or use a producer (Fiverr, etc.). You will be required to do this before our last session.

What does the bundle consist of?

We will go over your copy/materials, adjust/edit wording and/or performances, you will record your demos, and then we’ll tweak if necessary.

Do I need to prepare anything?

You should have plenty of scripts, or recorded material to go over. If you provide recorded material in order to tweak it, please provide corresponding scripts. If you don’t have the scripts for your recorded material, please transcribe them (or use a transcription service like Otter or Rev).

The more material the merrier, as it won’t all make it to the final mix.

Wait, is there any fine print?

As much as I would love to promise employment after coaching with me, this does not depend on me. It depends on you, your marketing efforts, your casting, casting directors, the marketplace, and the stars. I strive to give you the best tools to make you competitive. The rest is up to you (and to the universe)!

What happens after the Discovery Call! Where do I book?

At the end of our Discovery call you’ll be asked if you want to sign on, and you’ll be able to make your first payment. You’ll then receive an email with a link to my booking calendar. 


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