Private VO Coaching with Lili Wexu

A VO Demo Preparation package designed to help you craft bookable voice acting performances that are agent-worthy.

***You must be working with a reputable VO demo producer and have a date set for your VO demo session in order to apply. If you do not, please refer to the coaching page here. ***

I will teach you techniques to help you get out of your head, and perform confidently on your big day. 

Do you feel locked into your performances?

Is the thought of recording your demo making you nervous?

Are you having trouble with the conversational read?

Is “connecting” with VO copy a romantic, but elusive concept?

Are you unsure about vocal placement for each script?

Are you worried you won’t make the most of the scripts you’ve been given?

Are you unsure about the quality of your performances?

Private VO Coaching with Lili Wexu of Get Clever About VO

The Performances in your VO demo are EVERYTHING.

No good music or sound effect can hide an OK performance.

Your demo is more than a few well-produced spots. It’s your BRAND.

But your brand is only as strong as your SKILLSET.


Private VO Coaching with Lili Wexu of Get Clever About VO

Don’t just bling your VOICE. Get a Voice Acting coach who can teach you to BE the bling.

Here’s the truth about Demo Producers: They will ALL make you sound pretty good.

But in this decade, SOUNDING good is not nearly enough.

You have to BE great.

You have to be unique, authentic, and creative.

The days of relying on your voice, are over.

No one will care about the great music or sound effects in your demo either, once you’re recording the gig live in the booth. 

Agents, Casting Directors and Producers aren’t looking for good sounding demos.

They’re looking for voice actors who are skilled enough let their PERSONALITY shine through their reads.

Who are savvy enough to deliver reads that answer market trends.

Clients with the big bucks want the BEST talents. Those who can ELEVATE copy, not merely read it with a pretty voice.

So, don’t just bling your voice. Get coaching that teaches you to BE the bling.


Most actors try to CATCH UP to their demos.
I will teach you to let your demo catch up to YOU.


Being able to reproduce the reads that are on your demo, after the fact, is important. Otherwise, you’ll lose the people you worked so hard to get behind you.

A demo should represent you and inspire your agents, clients and team to fight for you when the casting gets tough.

Buyers, agents, and casting directors all want the same things: someone original, elevates their craft to an art form, and can make scripts sound better than they even imagined.

They industry wants more…Original, Conversational, Engaging, Connected…

…And YOU want to feel Grounded and Believable, NOT phony and not GENERIC.

Learn VO techniques that are designed to help you turn Ordinary performances into Extraordinary ones.

The tools you seek to master your reads hide in your everyday speech.

I’ve designed acting based-techniques to help you bypass your reading brain so you can “speak” any VO copy you perform authentically, unapologetically, and confidently on every take.

My Professional VO Demo Preparation package will help you…

…I will teach you to perform your scripts in fresh new ways, every time.

The techniques I share in a Professional Demo Preparation package are designed to help you:

  • Produce original, natural reads appropriate for the copy, in a heart beat;
  • Be flexible and able to follow directions, so you can perform confidently.

GENERIC performances don’t captivate. ORIGINAL ones do. I will help you tap into your genius BEFORE your demo recording.

NOTE: You must be working with a reputable VO demo producer AND have a date set for your VO demo session in order to apply. If you do not, please refer to the coaching page as you will not be admitted to this packages.

Rate: $399

Your package is comprehensive to ensure you’re in the best shape on Recording day.

For the best results, it includes:

1 x Discovery Call (15-20 minutes). You’ll be assessed, and get instructions on prepping your reads. 

 2 x Coaching sessions (50 minutes each). We’ll work on every spot/10 minutes each, each session. 

1 x “Dress Rehearsal” session (15-30 minutes). A run through of all your spots + work on any final issues.

1 x Post-Demo Production Feedback session (15 minutes). Get feedback on the order of your demos.

 You must pay in one installment. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a demo recording session set up yet, can I book this service?

This service is only available to those who already have a VO demo date set with a professional VO demo producer. If you do not, you may get private coaching in 6 session increments to help you prepare for an eventual Voice Acting demo. Thank you for respecting this policy as your application will not be considered unless you are making a demo in the immediate future with a reputable producer.

How far in advance should I book a demo prep?

You should book your Professional Demo Preparation sessions within a week or two of demo production. You will need 3 available slots in the schedule prior to your demo recording session.

When should I provide you with my demo scripts?

Ideally you have them at the time of your application so we can go over them during your Discovery Call. Otherwise, we should receive them within 48 hours of your first session. 

How often can I book sessions?

Your sessions should be booked with at least one day off between them. 

Do I have to do homework between sessions?

There may be. If so, I will give you instructions. 

Are there cancellation fees for Professional Demo Preparation sessions?

Once you book, there are no cancellation fees as I myself have to cancel sometimes. That said, you must use your sessions within 3 months from date of payment.

Do I need to prepare anything?

You’ll get instructions in the Discovery call.

Do you need anything from me?

I’ll have your materials from the Application so we’re all set.

Wait, is there any fine print?

As much as I would love to promise employment after coaching with me, this does not depend on me. It depends on you, your marketing efforts, your casting, casting directors, the marketplace, and the stars. I strive to give you the best tools to make you competitive. The rest is up to you (and to the universe)!

What happens after the Discovery Call! Where do I book?

At the end of our Discovery call you’ll be asked if you want to sign on, and you’ll be able to make your payment and book your sessions. 

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