Without fail, the first two things aspiring voice actors ask me about (besides the type of equipment they need and whether they need a studio) is how to get a VO demo reel and, of course, the whole reason you’re here: 

WHERE TO FIND VO SCRIPTS for a VO demo reel! 

Look no further, I’ve gathered the best FREE VO script resources for you right here. But, before choosing your scripts, I urge you (I really do) to think about scripts on a Deeper. Level. 

Story Dive: Understanding Scripts

VO Script ResourcesA script isn’t just a collection of letters, words, punctuation, and paragraphs that we read out loud. If it were that easy, anyone could do it. 

Scripts have features that give them structure, making them engaging and most importantly, effective.

Voice acting (and any acting for that matter) is all about connecting the dots in a script, so you can create a memorable story that elicits an emotional response. This is the process by which you make a strong connection with your listener.

In commercial VO, this is CRUCIAL because it’s the difference between a campaign that works and one that fails.

I can already see you throwing your hands up in the air, “hey girl, it’s not my fault some scripts stink”! 

True, but here’s the difference between an amateur, and a pro: An amateur thinks there’s only so much they can do with a bad script. Pros make it their duty to make all the scripts they come across sound even better than they are. 

Why? Because they know first hand that this philosophy helps them stand out in auditions, books more work, and keeps clients coming back. 

Unlocking the Power of VO Scripts: Script Analysis

Enter Script Analysis. 

Script Analysis is the art of knowing HOW to analyze and break down a script so you can make strong acting choices that support the script and create a story that sells. 

Commercial Voice Over scripts are intended to sell something, whether it’s a product, a service, or getting people to take action.

The biggest mistake I see amateur voice actors make is missing so many of the cues in the script:

    • They miss the obvious (and not-so-obvious) transitions
    • They don’t read between the lines
    • They fall for the most obvious voice over traps
    • They have no idea about the unwritten rules or conventions that are so crucial to making clients happy. 

voice acting scriptsThe worst part about not having a method with which to tackle scripts, is that you get stuck in your head, recording a THOUSAND takes, and WASTING your precious time. 

Recording VO auditions shouldn’t feel like throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks. You CAN have a systemic and repeatable process you can count on to get you out of your head and into the ring.  

This process is what will make you a bookable VO actor. 

Stop Worrying, Start Working

So many actors come to me for coaching because they are SO tired of wondering whether they did it right or not. 

If you want to stop worrying, click here to learn the 3 Superpowers that make you a Megapower so you can build the VO business you deserve. This is a blueprint to making more money in VO every year that will not only help you make a better demo, but also book you more work. 

You’ll learn to: 

    • Bridge the gap between your Reading brain and your Speaking brain
    • Go from Common Interpretations to Relying on Data in the script
    • Become your client’s Northstar in a crowded marketplace

Once you’ve learned about these three superpowers, THEN go and search these free voice acting scripts and put what you’ve learned to the test!

Get Your Free VO Scripts Here

I’ve checked these for you, these are some of the best resources out there: 


You’ll find hundreds of scripts on this site that can be filtered by style, medium and tone. New scripts are added weekly, and all scripts feature suggested vocal characteristics, along with genres and character archetypes. 


With lots of script categories to choose from, this large collection Is particularly noteworthy for Its category specifications that can help you understand how to deliver the performance (age, gender, client, job description, art direction, medium, industry, and style).

Bunny Studio 

Script samples on this website come with an accompanying blog explaining how to modify and adapt scripts, or write your own versions. Each script sample also features different length versions (15, 30, and 60 seconds), This site is ideal for those that want to learn more about how to modify scripts for their demos.

Wait, there’s more:

    • Sound Soda – over 1,000 scripts, divided simply into categories
    • Ween Studio – focused on IVR scripts – Interactive Voice Response – this site is gold if that’s where your interests lie
    • Monologue Blogger and Stage Milk – because monologues can be an excellent resource to practice with and adapt for your demos, these two monologue databases are invaluable

Now, Rock Your VO Demovoice acting script resources

Whatever script you end up choosing, remember to make it your own. You never want to use the scripts exactly as written. 

As for putting a demo reel together, here are a few tips to get you started:

    • Be specific: Decide on the type of demo you want, then make sure that the scripts you choose reflect this (i.e. If you want commercial narration, make sure that the scripts are selling something in the narration)
    • One genre at a time: Don’t mix genres when recording demos; Instead, create specific demos for each genre (and make your own Home Brew demos while you’re at it!)
    • Be concise: Modify scripts so that they’re less wordy
    • Be credible: Don’t use scripts that are SO well-known, or brands that are so big, that it’s implausible that you’ve worked with them. If it’s not credible that you’ve done it, don’t do it

Once More, With Feeling

Getting critical with script analysis is so very important, BUT your skills will fall flat without strong acting skills. 

The combination of strong acting skills AND a solid script analysis method is what makes a voice actor so LETHAL to the competition.  

To get you started, here are some tips to help you get creative in more ways than one. 

If you want to fast-track this process and learn to get paid well and capitalize on your unique strengths with a more systemic approach, get a second set of ears by working with a voice acting coach. 

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Get Creative, Get Critical and Get Paid Well Doing VO! My name is Lili Wexu. I’m an actress, a voice talent and an author. 

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