Voice Acting Resources are crucial when you need  help in specific areas of your voice acting business. I’ve put a list together for you so you can cut to the chase and hire the right people to help you.

Voice Over Talent Casting - Jane Doe

Animation & Video Games

Meet the Goddness of Animation & Video Games, my dear friend Jeannie Elias.

She’s my own animation and video games coach and she also put together my animation and video game demos.

Her resume speaks for itself and she happens to be one my favorite humans in Los Angeles (well, in the world too!).

Reach out to her here.

Voice Over Talent Casting - Jane Doe

Audio Book Narration

I can say that I knew her way back when we both started coaching, but since then, she’s become a star in the Audiobook world.

Lucky for you, she coaches aspiring audiobook narrators. I can assure you that when it comes to audio book narration, Andi Arndt is the best.

She’s an award winning audiobook narrator and a total sweetheart. You’re in great hands with Andi.

Voice Over Talent Casting - Jane Doe

TV Promos

Attempting TV Promos isn’t something you should tackle on your own.

There is a science to it and if you want to work with someone who actually worked at TV networks and knows the difference between an NBC read and a CBS or Fox read (and all the others), you’ll want to work with Jodi Gottlieb.

She’s a walking encyclopedia AND a great coach, director and TV promo demo producer.

Voice Over Talent Casting - Jane Doe

Commercial VO Demo Production

I’ve worked with many (many) demo producers over the span of my 25 year career, but none has recorded more demos for me than Chuck Duran.

Why? His demos are a slam dunk, every time, and always book me work. He’s got one of the best ears in  the industry and great taste in production.

Once you have your demo scheduled with him, feel free to get a demo prep package to make the most of your session.

Voice Over Talent Casting - Jane Doe

VO Tech

One of my favorite people in the industry is the Booth Junkie, Mike DelGaudio.

He’s incredibly resourceful, has reviewed tons of gear and is an outstanding voice talent himself. He. Knows. His. Stuff. All of us in the VO world are incredibly lucky to have him.

If you have any VO booth issues, get a VO tech consult with him here.

Voice Over Talent Casting - Jane Doe

Improv Coach

Rich Baker is my favorite improv teacher (I’ve tried many!).

He’s extremely knowledgable, has been a part of Second City Chicago, has taught at many schools, and he’s even written a book.

The best part? He coaches online! Who knew improv could be taught from the comfort of your own home!? Lucky you, you can now have the best laughs, in your PJs.

Voice Over Talent Casting - Jane Doe

Acting Technique

Meet Iris Klein, one of my favorite acting coaches in Los Angeles.

As voice actors in the commercial and corporate sector, it’s so easy for us fall into a “VO persona” that isn’t authentic and grounded. Iris teaches a moment-to moment acting technique on Zoom, that puts you in touch with your true essence, so you can your work from there. This is the most profound technique I’ve ever worked with. And I don’t say that lightly.

I’m very excited for you to meet Iris, she’s a very special human who teaches a very special technique you won’t get anywhere else.

Check back every now and again to see who gets added to the list.

In the meantime, if you want help with VO commericals and short corporate narration bookings check the VO coaching page out.

For some great free VO tips, check out my YT channel.

If you want to hear some interviews in which I give lots of great VO tips and insight about a career in voice acting, visit the Press page.

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