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Learn about becoming a working voice-over actor and announcer with the Voice Acting & Announcing ebook bundle. This modern day voice over bible, written by voice actress Lili Wexu, is broken down into a three e-books about Voice Acting & Announcing and is a must have for new voice actors and announcers who want a sustainable career in today’s VO market. Whether you’re seeking to make a transition to a career in voice acting or announcing because it’s the logical next step in your career, or because you want to feel stimulated by a new career, these guides are meant to empower you in the next phase of your journey.

Learn voice acting on three levels:

Pt.1 follows the path of the voice over artist: acting training, what is expected of voice artists on the job, everything you need to know about getting hired as a voice talent, the voice acting budget, and the important decisions you may need to make. After reading this e-book, you’ll know the exact steps you need to take to get started on your new path. This is all about creating competitive voice-over performances.

Pt. 2 follows the path of the voice over technician: recording and editing voice overs, the truth about recording and editing equipment (and voice over industry standards), the intricacies of working with sound, building a voice over studio, editing and file delivery standards, audio file formats and specifications. After reading this e-book you’ll be confident about recording voice overs from home and editing your work. This is all about delivering excellent audio to clients and agents.

Pt. 3 follows the path of the voice over entrepreneur: recording workflow, best voice over business practices, processes, policies, setting rates for non-union actors, and marketing. After reading this e-book you’ll understand the steps you need to take to get your voice out there. This is all about making money with your voice talent.

Learn voice acting & announcing the smart way.

2 reviews for Voice Acting & Announcing eBook Bundle

  1. Mark Henson

    When anyone asks me about the voice over business, Lili’s “Get Clever About VO Voice Acting” series is now my go-to recommendation for a fantastic overview of the industry and so many, many, many practical (and clever) pieces of actionable advice.
    Every voice actor can learn something from every book in the series – absolutely if you’re getting started, but also if you’ve been doing it awhile. Definitely buy all 3!

    The voice over industry is so oversaturated with “coaches” that it is almost impossible to know who’s a good one. In addition to having tons of real-world experience, a great coach has the heart of a teacher. They relate to you as a human being, not as a customer of their latest program or mastermind group.

    So it’s refreshing to find and connect with someone like Lili, who is an amazing, experienced voice actor who, yes, is also a coach, but definitely one of the good ones!

  2. Liese Santana (verified owner)

    Consider this book series your comprehensive guide as you begin your voice acting journey and build your skills and business. Each book complements the other with in depth coverage of specific topics and skills, all of which are needed as a working professional.

    Lili is a talented, professional voice actor who provides you a blueprint for all you need to know and succeed in this industry, and writes with clarity, heart, and humor. I have been taking voice acting classes for over a year, including home studio/audio classes, and this series answers questions I still had and covers all the topics from skills and training, who you will be working with, setting rates, how to be technical and set up your home studio and equipment, how to market yourself, plus work ethics so you are hired repeatedly. There is so much applied information in the books that the list could go on and then some.

    Without a doubt, this is a must-have series to keep nearby for reference and reminders that you got this.

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