Running Your Voiceover Business, Voice Acting & Announcing pt.3

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This voice acting book written by actress Lili Wexu is a modern-day voice acting bible detailing what it takes to run a successful voiceover business in today's VO market. The entire three-part-series about Voice Acting & Announcing is a must have for new voice actors and announcers who want a sustainable career and want to earn a living with their voice for years to come. Whether you're seeking to make a transition to a career in the voice sector because it's the logical next step in your career, or because you want to feel stimulated by a new career, these voice acting books are meant to empower you in the next phase of your journey.

Pt. 3 follows the path of the voice over entrepreneur: voice over recording workflow, best voiceover business practices, processes, policies. The book also covers voice acting rates for unionand non-union actors, and extensive VO marketing tips. After reading this voice acting book you'll understand the steps you need to take to get your voice out in the world. This is all about making money with your voice talent.

Readers say: "I’ve been doing voice work for 12 years now and thought I knew everything about the voiceover business. Lili’s understanding of the industry and how to tap into each segment is unparalleled. I’ve known Lili for years and always learn some new angle from her, especially in business. I’m really excited that she’s taken the time to write it down and share!!!"

In addition to learning about the voiceover business, read Pt. 2 which follows the path of the voice over technician and Pt. 1 follows the path of the voice over artist.

Get the voice acting book that will help you stay in the voiceover business the smart way.

3 reviews for Running Your Voiceover Business, Voice Acting & Announcing pt.3

  1. Chris DiCroce

    Like so many others here on Lili’s site, I purchased the three-book bundle and just finished Part III. If you’re thinking about a career in the voice industry, it’s a must-read. All three books are invaluable and accomplish two main things.

    1. Lili breaks it down honestly and candidly regarding the commitment and work required if you want to be successful.

    2. When it feels a little overwhelming and you begin to question if “you’ve started too late,” she gives you some wisdom and encouragement to follow through. If you listen to the dozens and dozens of sound bites Lili has posted
    as her acting credentials, you’ll see exactly why you need to trust what she says.

    Honestly, I’m a little overwhelmed but I think that’s a good thing. I’ll refer back to these books over and over again. Well done, Lili.

  2. Josee Clift

    I purchased all three books of the Get Clever series last week. I just finished part three. I can not stress enough the importance of reading these books from Lili. You’ll get a very clear picture of what it actually takes to become and remain a voice actor in todays world. Like any career, its hard work, but its work that can be very rewarding and fun. Lili goes into the ways you can market yourself, better than any other book I’ve read. She helps you with what to expect and what is expected of you when you do land those jobs. She gives you a clear map on how to work and present yourself as a professional. These books are a must have!

  3. Lance (Amazon reader) (verified owner)

    This book is all about the business of the business of VO Acting, which is absolutely necessary, especially for newbies. And it’ll actually help people who’ve been doing this for a while. It’s got info on contracts and billing, how to stay ethical (in a sometimes un-ethical industry), what to expect when you’re in a recording studio, union vs non-union work and benefits, auditioning for agents, marketing and a whole lot more.

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