Become A Voice Actor, Voice Acting & Announcing pt.1

This voice over book written by voice over actress Lili Wexu is a modern-day voice acting bible detailing what it takes to successfully become a voice actor or announcer in today's VO market. The entire three-part-series is a must have for new voice actors and announcers who want a sustainable career. Whether you're seeking to make a transition to a career in the voice sector because it's the logical next step in your career, or because you want to feel stimulated by a new career, these voice over books are meant to empower you in the next phase of your journey to become a voice actor or announcer.

An Amazon reader says: "I have been in the VO world for about 2 years, and I thought I pretty much knew everything I needed to know, but not the case. Informative, to the point, funny and for me personally some great reminders. There is so much more than just having a great voice. Highly recommend!"

To make a living with your voice, become a voice actor first, then a VO artist.

Pt.1 follows the path of the voice over artist: acting training, VO lessons, what is expected of voice talents on the job, everything you need to know about getting hired as a voice over talent, the voice acting budget, and the important decisions you may need to make as a professional talent. After reading this voice over book you'll have a thorough understanding of how to approach a new career in the voice sector. This is all about creating competitive VO performances.

Pt. 2 follows the path of the voice over technician and Pt. 3 follows the path of the voice over entrepreneur.

Get the voice acting book that will help you tackle a new career in the voice over industry the clever way.

5 reviews for Become A Voice Actor, Voice Acting & Announcing pt.1

  1. Chris DiCroce

    Hey Lili. I purchased the bundle and just finished Part 1 (Get Clever About VO Voice Acting & Announcing). I have to say, I have friends in the industry who’ve told me time and time again how competitive it is. Your approach mentions this as well but you offer encouragement as well. I have 20 years in the music business as a writer and artist. I’ve been recording and working around studios the entire time. While I have concerns that I may not have the professional acting chops or instruction resume, I’m committed and willing to put in the work. Your breakdown of the different sectors was clear and just the overall tone of this first book was spot on. I love that you don’t gloss over the amount of work and commitment that is involved past the point of having a good voice. Thanks so much. Looking forward to Parts II and III

  2. Mark Mullens

    Very helpful information. The emphasis about needing to be an actor was eye opening to me. Thank you for the insight, Lili.

  3. Josee Clift

    I’ve known about Lili Wexu for years. She is a bilingual French Canadian like me. I visited her website again recently, looking for a possible demo coach and happened upon her books. I bought all three and the info contained in them is invaluable. The info is very honest and straight forward. I’m a creative and business/marketing is not my strength, her tips are awesome. I can’t emphasize the importance of reading these books, even if you’ve been a voice actor for a few years. Loved them!

  4. Krystal Mills

    This first book is a great and detailed overview of what it takes to get started in the voiceover business. Lili takes you through all the skills you’ll need to develop, with the goal of making a successful career in the industry. I really loved the section about progressing in the art of voiceover. So many of us become interested in VO because we’re told we have beautiful voices and think it will be easy, but Lili gives a realistic perspective on the dedication it takes to progress your talent into a viable career and gives you direction on how to do it.

    Lili also includes invaluable information on the relationships you’ll be developing as well as many different sectors you could chose to work in. She not only lists these things, but fully describes how you will interact in these roles.

    All said, this book is an excellent value filled with great information. You could have several sessions with a coach or expert and never receive what Lili has provided in such a well-organized and easily understandable format. I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in voiceover!

  5. Benjamin Tucker

    Hi Lili! I just finished reading Part 1 (Get Clever About VO Voice Acting & Announcing), and I absolutely loved it! SO much useful insight and information. I’m just getting started on my voice acting quest, doing as much reading and research as possible. There are a dizzying amount of resources on the internet to educate yourself about voice acting, but this e-book has been by far the single most helpful resource I’ve come across thus far. I also want to point out that as an aspiring voice actor who resides in North Carolina, I very much appreciated the fact that you addressed the geographical aspect of certain categories of the business. And how things are evolving since the onset of the pandemic. One of my concerns getting into this is not living in LA or New York. I have a family and we’ve planted roots here in NC. But reading your e-book, I came away very informed, excited, and encouraged! Probably the best $10 I’ve ever spent! Looking forward to reading Part 2. Thanks so much 🙂

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