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This service is for you if you would like specific feedback on ONE of your VO demos or on your voice. The service costs $95 and lasts between 20 and 30 minutes depending on your level of proficiency. If you want feedback on multiple demos, please book a slot for each one. You will be charged $95 for each demo.

If you do not have demo, and want an evaluation of your voice, please read instructions here in order to submit your voice clips for evaluation. Then return to this form and fill it out. 

If you’re looking for an in-depth assessment of your marketing materials and overall business strategy, consider a Business Consult.

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Are the spots in your demo...
Was the demo produced...
Do you feel your voice clips or demos reflect your skill level accurately?
If you have demos, are you able to reproduce the types of reads that are on them?
Are you doing VO as a...
Do you have an agent?
Do you have (or suspect) any medical issues, or take any medication that could directly or indirectly affect your voice or your performance? This information is for Lili's eyes only and is not shared. You may also decide to speak about it in person.
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